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29 June 2017
Tax Time & the ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other government agencies are cracking down on businesses and individuals in relation to tax audits and investigations due to a 55% increase in...

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8 June 2017
Australian Terrorism Insurance Scheme...

Changes to Australia’s Terrorism Insurance Scheme, as recommended by the 2015 Triennial Review by Treasury, have now been approved and are effective as at 1 July 2017.

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25 May 2017
Group Risk – introducing a new...

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset but what happens when one of them suffers an injury or illness and are unable to work?

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18 May 2017
Changes to the Workers’ Compensation...

The revamped WorkCover NSW (icare) continues to make changes to the running of the Workers’ Compensation Scheme in NSW.

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11 May 2017
Australia now has mandatory data breach...

The recent passing of mandatory data breach notification laws through the senate imposes on organisations a need for increased transparency and accountability.

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