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Workers' Compensation can be complex, and a lack of understanding in the business community leads to many firms paying excessive premiums.


Managed fund covering legal liability for compensation to employees injured in the course of their employment.

Workers’ Compensation

A compulsory insurance which must be effected in all States and Territories of Australia in which the insured engages employees; Provides coverage for Workers’ Compensation benefits as designated by the Government Act prevailing in each State or Territory (including cover for common law actions where applicable).

Workers’ Compensation – Extra Territorial

Legal liability to pay compensation (including common law damages) to an employee domiciled in Australia who sustains injury, disease or death anywhere in the world outside of their Australian State or Territory of domicile, in circumstances where a Workers’ Compensation policy may not adequately respond.

For our client base, BJS utilises a number of key strategies designed to ensure that our clients’ risk is evaluated fairly.

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