Liability Insurance (Public & Products)

Legal liability to pay compensation (including legal expenses) to third parties in the event of the insured causing or being alleged to have caused injury, death or loss of or damage to property arising out of business operations or products.

Worker to Worker Liability Extension

Worker to Worker Liability is a term used to describe liability for accidents where a worker is injured by the negligence act of another worker, not being a fellow worker, ie. Not having the same employer as the injured worker. It is usual for this liability to be insured under a Public Liability or Contract Works Liability Insurance policy. However, some underwriters, depending on the nature of the risk, exclude this liability under their public/contract works liability policies. In this case, separate Worker to Worker Liability Insurance needs to be arranged. This insurance is extremely difficult to purchase.

Liability – Pollution
Pollution Liability cover is designed to offer a broad range of pollution liability protection for gradual as well as sudden and accidental first and third party environmental liabilities.

Liability – Umbrella
Legal liability insurance that provides cover in the same circumstances as other liability policies such as General & Products Liability, Motor Vehicles, etc. but provides additional Limits of Liability above those insurance of a wider scope that the underlying liability policies.

Insurance to cover costs incurred due to gradual accidental pollution.

Environmental Impairment
Costs, including cleaning up costs, & damages resulting from bodily injury &/or property damage caused by gradual pollution & contamination.

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