Aviation Insurance

BJS can arrange fleet insurance and aviation insurance for most risks anywhere in the world and we have access to global markets to ensure competitive covers and premiums.

BJS Aviation is able to discuss and arrange a wide variety of fleet insurance and aviation insurance covers which include:

  • Aircraft Hull & Liability – Private & Commercial
  • Fixed Wing
  • Rotor Wing (Piston & Turbine)
  • Aircraft Non-Ownership Liability
  • Aviation Hull War & Allied Perils
  • Aviation – Aerial Display Liability
  • Aviation – Civil Aviation (Carriers Act) Liability (Passengers)
  • Aviation – Hangerkeepers Liability
  • Group Pilot Personal Accident

From Hull & Liability protection for private recreational aviators to commercial activities including Hangars Keepers Liability, Products Liability, Premises Liability, Commercial Flying Schools and Clubs, Maintenance & Repair and Manufacturers,covers may include aircraft passengers and freight, liability arising out of aircraft operations and a wide range of aviation related risks, including non-owned aircraft liabilities.

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