Machinery & Plant including Breakdown Insurance – Engineering

If the income and longevity/continuity of your business is reliant on machinery and equipment, a damaged part or breakdown could affect your capacity to keep your business running. With machines becoming more integral to the operations of many businesses, a machinery breakdown could have a damaging impact to your bottom line.

A Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy can protect you from financial loss when things don’t go to plan.

Machinery Breakdown insurance can assist your business in a number of ways:

  • Repair costs covering the breakdown of machinery
  • Consequential losses as a result of the breakdown – e.g. replacement for loss and spoilage of stock, or loss of profits which could occur while waiting for the parts to repair your machinery.

We can arrange cover specifically for the machinery integral to your business. We strive to provide you with a solution that gives you peace of mind and greater confidence when making decisions that affects the future of your business.


  • Equipment Breakdown – The costs incurred to repair/replace items following an instance of breakdown.
  • Interruption Insurance – Cover provided for loss of profits etc. as a result of a breakdown.
  • Deterioration of Stock – Costs incurred as a result of spoilt stock following an instance of breakdown.
  • Temporary Hire Costs – The costs to hire temporary equipment to keep the business operational.
  • Professional Fees – The professional fees associated with proving or quantifying a loss.
  • Expediting Expenses – Any costs reasonably incurred to make temporary repairs, expedite permanent repairs or replacement.


Please note: This is a general description of cover only – full details are set out in the Policy wording

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