21 April 2017

Are you concerned about your family’s financial security if you were seriously ill or injured?

In our experience, most people have insufficient savings to cover their living expenses if they suddenly became seriously ill or injured and couldn’t work for a sustained period of time.

That’s why Risk Insurance is so important, providing an income to allow you to cover your bills, debts, living and other expenses.

We can assist you with personal risk protection including Life, Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma cover as well as Income Protection insurance.

Could your business afford to pay out a departing owner or their estate for their share of the business?

We can help create a business estate plan with you and assist with the appropriate insurance such as:

  • Company Key Executive Insurance
  • Group Disability Income Protection
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Shareholders Partnership Protection Insurance
  • Trauma/Recovery for major conditions such as Cancer,  Stroke and Heart attack.

Importantly, it’s all about providing all owners, staff and their families with financial certainty should the unforeseen occur.

Making sure you are appropriately covered by Risk Insurance is one of the keys to financial security and peace of mind.

We have insurance specialists who can assist in these vital areas of Risk Management. Don’t stress about what might happen – talk to BJS Insurance Brokers to learn more.

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